Please look at moving transom platforms which are manufactured by our company. The is a specialized line of marine lifting mechanisms which help to decide different tasks which have to solve ship-owners of pleasure vessels, if it is necessary as to lift/to lower tender / hydro cycle, or swimming platform; as for and for embarkation/disembarkation of the people on Board the vessel.

 tender lift

  Construction and design

Our moving transom platforms helps to ship-owners of motor yachts in cases below:

  •         hosting, storing, as well as the descent/lift of the watercrafts, hydrocyclones, hydro cycles tenders and rescue boats
  •         lifting/lowering of various types of cargos
  •         embarkation/disembarkation of the people on Board the vessel.
  •         providing easy, reliable, convenient and safe access for passengers and crew to the water for swimming away from the shore, in open water conditions.

 tender lift

Using of our moving transom platforms allow:

  •         to cost cutting. – You need buy one device instead of buying crane, ladder, and other equipment.
  •         saving free space on the deck. Using of our moving transom platforms enable to store tender/hydro cycle outboard, instead of storing tender or hydrocycle on deck surface.
  •         to improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew members
  •         to reduce operating costs

Our device is simple and reliable in connection and operation. We can design, manufacture and supply lifting transom platforms, which can be:

  •         electric or hydraulic driven
  •         designed for various current and voltage – AC, DC; 12,24,220,380,400 V.
  •         for sea of fresh water
  •         any capacity
  •         various types of mounting
  •         various operating – local, remote
  •         various colors
  •         with any additional options and equipment

  Our engineers are able and like to solve both simple and non-standard problems, finding simple, reliable and inexpensive solution that allows you to stay within a client's budget.


For foreign customers we can arrange delivery anywhere in the world.

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You can use such transom platform not only for outboard holding,lifting, lowering motor boats, tenders,hydrocycles,jet-skis or other watercrafts, but also as platform for people swimming.

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